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Full Version: Izabel has a new boyfriend
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13/11 - 15:00 - Esquentando os tamborins, Izabel Goulart – uma das brasileiras que vai ser destaque no grande desfile da Victoria's Secret desta quinta-feira – ferveu nesse fim de semana em Salvador. A top esteve num ensaio da banda Motumbá no Pelourinho. Para a decepção dos rapazes, Izabel foi acompanhada do namorado Marcelo Costa. Nada é perfeito!

translation from anna89 on bellazon...
13/11 - 15:00 - Heating up the tamborins, Izabel Goulart - one of the Brazilians who is going to be on the spot light in the great Victoria's Secret fashion show on this thursday - heating this weekend in Salvador. The Top was in the show of Motumbá band in Pelourinho. For the disillusionment of the guys, Izabel was followed by her boyfriend Marcelo Coast. Nothing is perfect.

he's decent looking. sebastian was far better looking, though.
Maybe he´s far better looking from the inside;) and maybe Izabel appreciates more inside beauty...(he should be smart, funny<---Izabel´s answer to Conon´s question "what kind of man do you like"). Anyway, i´m not saying he´s ugly. I say nothing except "wish you all the best guys!"
now i am hearing that this was probably incorrect info.

i thought it would be weird that after yeaaars of dating her and sebastian broke up and all the sudden she was with someone else!
Good....she was always so sweet with Sebastian!!
It seems after much discussion that this Marcelo Costa is in fact Izabel's new bf. They've been pictured again recently and seem rather close! (and not in a best friend or family way :P)

he's cute. but he looks young.

sebastian was much more mature looking.
sebastian? has anyone his picture? it would be interesting to see how he looks:P
Iza and Seb :P


he's so cute! they were cute together.

she looks so young in that pic haha.
oh, this guy is Sebastian. now I can remember I have seen them in the picture...i was hoping they were just friends hehe
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