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Full Version: New VS Perfume - Pout
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according to Thiago on bellazon, Izabel is apparently going to be the face of the new VS perfume called 'Pout'. I am not really sure when it will be coming out, though.
Brenlynn, what video is your avatar from?
one of the 2005 xmas commercials
thanks for the news brenlynn ^^
I heard she's shooting for this on Tuesday and Wednesday :D
yes in paris!! and it's going to be called 'Pout Victoria’s Secret by Izabel Goulart' or something to that effect. i will definitely have to buy a bottle :)

Fragrant Future For Izabel

After the announcement that model Raquel Zimmerman didn't show at the Animale fashion show, on the official programming of Fashion Rio, the brand exclusively contracted the supermodel Izabel Goulart. In agreement, with the director of Ten Model agency, Laura Vieira, Goulart is also going to launch a perfume with her name for the American lingerie brand, Victoria's Secret called 'Pout'. The campaign is going to be shot by Ellen Von Unwerth, a recognized fashion photographer, who has works published in magazines as Vogue, Vanity Fair, The Face, Photo, Arena and I-D.
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