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Welcome to Izabel's Victoria's Secret thread. Post all VS pictures here, as well as catalog scans and other things VS related.
Dream Angels Desire

i love the dream angels stuff! so beautiful.

that's one of my faves! all she needs is a set of wings to complete that pic.
Thanks brenlynn!! I didn't have that pic :)

Here are some more:
i really liked her shots from the christmas catalog!
some of my fave shots...
[attachment=55] [attachment=56] [attachment=57] [attachment=58]


i liked her older stuff the best, i don't think they use her enough for lingerie anymore.
caps from the new very sexy push-up commercial
great pictures :D I thinks it's very quiet on the forum don't you think?
too quiet!! more people need to come in and post some pics and what not :)
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